Who whe are

Over the last twenty years, proaudio has been gaining experience in research and development on the fidelity of sound. First born as Centro Installazione at the dawn of Car Audio Italiano, the company quickly grew and started specializing in designing and manufacturing high quality crossovers.

Over the years proaudio acquired knowledge and know-how, attracting renowned brands from both the Mobile as well as the Home industry, becoming a subcontractor for every kind of OEM filter.
Today the company supplies customers/partners throughout the world and focuses its energies on being both a supplier and a manufacturer.
In recent years proaudio, concentrated its investments and resources on the design of a
new range of transducers. Relying on its strengths, the company has forged alhances with specialized industry players. New businesses were added to the group, each with its own great history and experience but with the same aspirations in common: the quest for beautiful sound through the development of "tools" that are capable of guaranteeing that sound at top performance levels.
proaudio created "AIR", "RODEO", "CONCERTO" and "MASTER", ali designed and built in Italy.
These four different ranges of speakers have been especially designed to meet the most discerning needs of our numerous national and international clients. proaudio is promoted and supported by those who are passionate about the brand. Our company is made of people, not numbers.
We listen and we instali, we give answers and tools to those who work directly on cars...

which only a select few still know how to do!